5 Tactics Agencies Use When Advertising to College Students

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College students

College studentsIf you are trying to attract the attention and support from prospective and current college students, let an agency take some weight off of your shoulders and put you a step ahead of the competition. Advertising to college students is one of the biggest sources of frustration and disappointment for many higher education institutions because they are such a unique, independent, technology-advanced demographic. Spending institution marketing budget dollars with a marketing and advertising agency is a worthwhile investment for a number of different reasons.

An agency’s experience will conserve an institutions budget while helping meet recruitment, growth and advancement goals. Successful marketing and advertising recommendations will be offered by your agency of choice which are supported by research of other relevant success stories. A marketing plan will be developed through extensive research and is followed by campaign creation and execution.

Here are a few tactics provided when you hire an agency to help with advertising to prospective and current college students.

1. Push Everything to Mobile Devices

These days’ colleges competing for student’s attention shouldn’t solely rely on brochures, emails and their website. Today’s current and future college students have grown up with social media and stay informed and connected with news that they see on their mobile devices. Offering targeted Facebook posts and tweets aimed specifically to prospective and current students is one way to reach this audience directly.

2. Get to the Point Fast

Studies show that on average, a college student has an attention span of 0 to nothing! Therefore, we need to get to the point as fast as we can before their minds begin to drift. Placing advertisements in areas where college students are daily, along with making them easy to see and remember is vital for notice and recognition.

3.Word-of-Mouth Community

College student’s word-of-mouth is faster and more effective than any other age group. It can greatly accelerate college student marketing efforts. College students are always talking to each other because they are constantly in contact either on campus or via social media. This creates a never ending need for more topics to discuss. Positive word-of-mouth can reach a large number of consumers at a very low cost. The goal is to let students, as well as graduates, be the spokespeople.

4. Win Over Mom and Dad

Even if Mom and Dad aren’t directly paying for college, in most cases they have an influence on where a student chooses to continue their education. Parents still love the brochures, direct mail pieces and campus tours, but today’s parents are just as active on their mobile devices as their college student. In the end they just want to make sure their kid is making the right decision for the next four years of his or her life. Having targeted, easy-to-access information for parents’ informational and educational purposes will influence the conversation they have with their student.

5. Give Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? A key part of advertising to college students is offering free stuff. T-shirts, hats, lanyards, etc.—anything that will visually display a product or company you’re advertising. Get it ordered, and have it out on campus and other target market areas. Giving free stuff peaks students’ interest (because it’s free) and turns each college student into a walking billboard (that you don’t have to pay for). See how exciting free stuff is?

Hiring an agency will provide a higher education institution with the expertise needed to advertise to prospective and current college students and allow marketing directors to spend their valuable time on other important matters.


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