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The Challenge


Leighton Broadcasting (our sister company) started inbound marketing with us in April of 2015. After working with the expansive broadcasting company for a couple of years on content creation and overall campaign strategy, we’ve built a mutual trust. While reviewing analytics for their campaign, we noticed their email click-through rates were less than we’d like to see. Leighton Broadcasting sends quite a few emails and the content varies from email to email so we decided to take a look at the consistent element - the template.

It’s your basic email template, and that was part of the problem - it looked like an email template. The first things a user saw when they opened the email was an unsubscribe link and an image with the sender’s logo. This design also led to an above average unsubscribe rate.

Leighton Broadcasting Website Mockup

The Solution


We updated the template to look less like an automated email and more like a personal message from someone at Leighton Broadcasting.

Here’s what we did:

  • Removed the header image entirely, making room for the actual content to appear sooner.
  • Took advantage of the extra space to include a headline that re-enforced the statement in the subject line.
  • Pulled images from the landing page to create a congruent experience from open to click to landing page view.
  • Moved the unsubscribe link into the footer of the email.
  • Utilized the inverted pyramid tactic to guide the users’ eye directly toward the CTA button in the post, thus greatly increasing the likelihood of a click.

Stats Galore!



Average Click Rate


Decrease in Unubscribers


Decrease in Bounces
8 techniques to build your brand infographic
Reach vs Spend in Advertising Infographic
Good Companies to Local Brand Ebook and social ads mockups on ipad and mobile
"Inbound marketing has enhanced our sales efforts by nurturing current clients and consistently brings in new leads that increase our broadcast revenue. If the old way of prospecting was to turn over every rock to find a new lead, inbound is the 21st century's version of having the rocks roll in on their own. From our website, to our social presence, to content, we see the true value in inbound with revenue generating leads from clients our traditional prospecting misses. Leighton Interactive has been a great partner for our company as we continue to grow."

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