5 Best Practices to Increase LinkedIn Engagement Put to the Test

Leighton Engage
Dream big and dare to fail social post

With more than 350 million users, 40 percent of which check their profiles daily, there’s incredible opportunity to find prospects on LinkedIn. One of the best ways to get in front of those who don’t directly follow your company page is to increase your posts’ engagement. Every time someone likes, comments on, or shares your post, you are able to get in front of their connections. But HOW do you increase that illusive engagement thing? Well, I’ve done some research found some promising tips. Like you, I’m also in the learning process. So, after gathering these tips, I tested them to see their effectiveness. Check after each tip to see my results!

#1 Post Photos and Links

As with any social network, visuals are king. We live in a visual world where plain text is no longer able to catch our attention. Other than Twitter, LinkedIn is one of the more text-heavy social platforms. In my experience, the most common type of post on LinkedIn includes a link with a small description on what the link is about. Don’t be like everyone else. Be BOLD. Use regular images (leadership quotes are very popular) or upload custom link images. By including images with bold colors and interesting subject matter, you are more likely to catch your prospect’s attention as they scroll down their feed. Once you catch their attention, you’re golden.

The Results:

Put the handcuffs on us because we’re guilty. About 95 percent of our posts on LinkedIn were links. While links are great, photos have become an even more powerful tool. After doing my research, I went and found this great quote. A quote that basically applies to every human on the planet. Does it link back to our website? No. Does it mention anything about marketing? No. But it is something we live by, and that is why I decided to post it.

Now here’s the thing to pay attention to—at most, our posts usually receive about three ‘likes’, but this bad boy received 11! Instead of our name only flashing in front of three people’s networks, it flashed in front of 11. If they each have 200 connections, that’s increasing the amount of eyes that could potentially see our name by 1,600 people! Free advertising people.

Dream big and dare to fail social post

#2 Figure Out What Followers are Interested In – Products and Services or Industry Insights

Depending on what your company has to offer, your prospects may want different information from you. To gain insight as to what information your audience is looking for, join industry-related groups and monitor interactions. Another way to gauge what your prospects are interested in is to look at competitors and see what type of content they’re posting and the success they’re seeing with those posts. Take this information and create your posts based on this information.


This tip was a bit difficult for us to test. After all, our service is “marketing” and our industry is “marketing” so basically, everything is marketing. Our twist on this tip was to differentiate between YOU and the general population.

Social post example 1

Social post example 2

The first post speaks directly to you, while the other is just purely informational. By saying “are YOU”, you’re catching people’s attention and making them read further to hear… “What about me?” The difference between the first and second post is substantial—8 clicks through to the blog compared to 0. This may be something to test for your followers, but for ourselves we now know speaking directly to people, not at them, is key.

#3 Highlight Your Personality

A big misconception with LinkedIn is that it’s a stuffy platform where you have to be completely professional 100% of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should post photos of your company golf outing where participants are visibly intoxicated.

What I’m trying to tell you is you can post photos of you working with your customers or show your company out at the 5K you helped sponsor. Show your employees’ smiles! By showing who your company really is and not just putting on a professional face for the platform, I can guarantee that prospects and current customers will be more likely to engage with you.


We like to think that we’re full of personality, but sometimes we get sucked into the LinkedIn mindset where we need to act like we’re oh-so-professional. For this test, I added four whole words. And those four whole words doubled the amount of clicks to the website and interactions on the post. A simple “Believe us, we know” was just the touch this post needed to show people that we’re human too and that the struggle is real.

Social personality post 1

Social personality post 2

#4 Always Include Your Own Takeaway When Posting a Link

If anyone is guilty of NOT doing this, it’s me. My go-to when posting a link on LinkedIn is to give a brief summary of what the article is about, and I’m not alone. Go ahead and take a peak at your newsfeed and tell me what you see. Go ahead, I’ll wait. If after a few minutes of scrolling you didn’t find a few summaries or two, well then I want your network.

The key thing we should all be doing is telling readers how we feel about the article or thing we are linking too. Even if you give a summary or line from the article like the one shown below, by simply adding an “I can’t agree more!” or “Yes!” you’re giving extra validation to your followers that it’s worth the read. Tell your followers why you enjoyed the article or agree/disagree with it, and I’m sure you’ll receive a click or two. What’s better than a click or two? Maybe a few will even comment back on your post and tell you what they thought of the article or thank you for sharing it!


This was a tip I had high hopes in. After all, I’m endorsing the thing I’m posting, which should make people more apt to read it, right?

Work-life balance social post 1

Work-life balance social post 2

Maybe I didn’t apply this tip right, but to be quite frank, it didn’t seem to work too well. It did receive a ‘like,’ which the first one didn’t, but that's such a small difference. I think I’ll have to test this again because I really seems like it should work better than it did.

#5 Get Employees to Engage with Company Posts

OK. So if your overall goal is to get ANYONE to engage with your posts, then asking your employees to engage with them will help you achieve that goal in and of itself. However, if you want to increase engagement with those outside of your company, having your employees engage with your posts might be the extra link to make that happen.

The first reason having your employees interact with your posts increases engagement from others is that it shows that others have in some why “endorsed” the content that was shared. There is always a mental barrier to be the “first” one to do anything, even if that is just clicking the ‘like’ button. But, by seeing that one or two others have liked the post, it removes that barrier and makes it a little easier to click that ‘like’ button.

Another way employees’ interaction boosts engagement is because their connections will then in turn see your company’s post, even if they don’t follow you. For example, if you have 500 followers and nobody engages with your post, the most that will see it is 500 people. However, if three of your employees engage with it and they each have 500 connections, you now have the potential for 2,000 people to see it! With an increase of views like that, the chances of getting engagement from those outside of your company is highly increased.


 This is a tip I couldn’t benchmark against because as long as I’ve been here, SOMEONE has interacted with our posts. The posts that have internal interactions always have a click or two more than those without. Most of our employees have between 200-500 connections, so each time one of them interacts with our posts, that’s 200-500 more people that potentially see it. And that's pretty neat.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The five tips I believe hold the biggest possibility to increase LinkedIn engagement. A few tips worked and a few didn’t, but I will continue to apply them and do further research. Over time I hope to find more trends that I can share with you.

If you put a few of these tips to the test yourself, I’d like to know your results as well. Post them in the comments below! 


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